Space Bok is advancing the level for legged robotics for space exploration

Legged robotics with all its advantages can be used in space to improve the exploration of the Moon or Mars.
In low gravity environments hopping proves to be energetically more efficient than walking.

Our aim is to build a jumping robot capable of overcoming large obstacles and thus increase the operation range of mobile robots for data collection.




16.5% of the gravity on Earth


13.4% of the gravity on Earth


37.8% of the gravity on Earth

Wheeled locomotion has been used exstensively for planetary exploration. Due to its stability and relatively low complexity, a space rover can be used for many different applications. However, when it comes to sandy, rough or steep terrain, wheeled robots reach their limitations. This is where legged robotics comes into play. A walking robot can overcome various obstacles and rarely gets stuck in sanddunes. Especially a jumping form of locomotion becomes more energy efficient on celestial bodies such as our Moon, Mars or Europa, one of Jupiters moons.This type of movement would open up new possibilities to gather interesting data from craters or canyons.

Scalability analysis of legged robots for space exploration


We are 12 students from the ETH Zurich and ZHAW Winterthur. Our fields of study vary between mechanical, electrical and systems engineering.

Project supervision & Coaching:

  • Prof. Dr. Marco Hutter
  • Hendrik Kolvenbach
  • Roland Haas
  • Boris Stolz
Philip Arm
Philip ArmMechanical Engineering ETH
Software and Control
Patrick Barton
Patrick BartonElectrical Engineering ETH
Lars Beglinger
Lars BeglingerMechanical Engineering ETH
Mechanical Design
Alex Dietsche
Alex DietscheMechanical Engineering ETH
Software and Control
Camille Huber
Camille HuberSystems Engineering ZHAW
Luca Ferrazzini
Luca FerrazziniElectrical Engineering ETH
Elias Hampp
Elias HamppMechanical Engineering ETH
Software and Control
Jan Hinder
Jan HinderMechanical Engineering ETH
Mechanical Design
David Schaufelberger
David SchaufelbergerSystems Engineering ZHAW
Felix Schmitt
Felix SchmittMechanical Engineering ETH
Mechanical Design
Benjamin Sun
Benjamin SunMechanical Engineering ETH
Mechanical Design
Radek Zenkl
Radek ZenklMechanical Engineering ETH
Mechanical Design


Every year, students attending the fifth semester of Bachelor's Programs in different disciplines of engineering can apply for a Focus Project. Teams of up to 14 students from different universities work during two semesters on the realisation of a prototype. With the support of an ETH Professor and a coaching team, the optimal solution to a complex problem has to be found.

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